Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What sacred gifts might we be refusing?

And it came to pass that in the same year that the people of Nephi had peace restored unto them, that Nephihah, the second chief judge, died, having filled the judgment-seat with perfect uprightness before God.
Nevertheless, he had refused Alma to take possession of those records and those things which were esteemed by Alma and his fathers to be most sacred; therefore Alma had conferred them upon his son, Helaman. (Alma 50:37-38)
Nephihah, because he was a perfectly upright man and an excellent chief judge, seemed like the perfect candidate to receive the most sacred things—the records and translators and the sword of Laban.

But he refused.

He refused!


Although he was perfectly upright and a just judge, somehow he still didn’t want to take upon himself the most sacred things with their privileges and responsibilities.

What sacred gifts from the Lord might we be refusing?


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