Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Chemistry and Consecration

During the early spring semester in 2008 I took a chemistry class and here are some things I wrote back then:

As I consider the idea of covalent and ionic bonding, it seems to me that it is a fabulous example of how earth does everything the Lord commands. These types of chemical bonds are great testifiers of the Law of Consecration.

Consider – when an atom has too many electrons, it is not happy unless it gives them away to some other atom or molecule that doesn’t have enough. They are bound together by this generosity.

Also, when an atom almost has enough electrons, but not quite, it will share what it has with another atom that similarly doesn’t have quite enough electrons, and so both atoms have enough electrons and achieve stability by sticking together. This binds them together.

How foolish and opposite is man in comparison! For man, when he has plenty of income, is not contented, but will continue to accumulate, and will withhold from those who actually need it! Man is so independent that he looks with distaste upon sharing anything valuable and useful with anyone else, even if it is necessary. It reminds me a lot of the verses from Helaman that say thus:
7 O how great is the nothingness of the children of men; yea, even they are less than the dust of the earth.
8 For behold, the dust of the earth moveth hither and thither, to the dividing asunder, at the command of our great and everlasting God.
9 Yea, behold at his voice do the hills and the mountains tremble and quake.
10 And by the power of his voice they are broken up, and become smooth, yea, even like unto a valley.
11 Yea, by the power of his voice doth the whole earth shake;
12 Yea, by the power of his voice, do the foundations rock, even to the very center.
13 Yea, and if he say unto the earth—Move—it is moved.
14 Yea, if he say unto the earth—Thou shalt go back, that it lengthen out the day for many hours—it is done;
4 O how foolish, and how vain, and how evil, and devilish, and how quick to do iniquity, and how slow to do good, are the children of men; yea, how quick to hearken unto the words of the evil one, and to set their hearts upon the vain things of the world!
5 Yea, how quick to be lifted up in pride; yea, how quick to boast, and do all manner of that which is iniquity; and how slow are they to remember the Lord their God, and to give ear unto his counsels, yea, how slow to walk in wisdom’s paths!
6 Behold, they do not desire that the Lord their God, who hath created them, should rule and reign over them; notwithstanding his great goodness and his mercy towards them, they do set at naught his counsels, and they will not that he should be their guide.
(Helaman 12: 4-6)
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