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Another perspective on the coming forth of the Book of Mormon

A few weeks ago, the Come Follow Me study material talked about the process of the Book of Mormon coming forth and how miraculous it was. It is often observed how Joseph Smith produced the Book of Mormon through “the gift and power of God”

What about the other perspective of Mormon and Moroni and their process of writing? If it was impossible for Joseph Smith to compose all those pages in 90 days (based on his lack of education), then what does that say about the length and learning and complexity of the task that Mormon and Moroni accomplished in writing it?  Clearly it must have taken years and years of work and study for Mormon to write.

I love that there is the statement of the three witnesses in the very front of the Book of Mormon and that they saw the plates and that their experience with the plates was mediated by an angel from God, which brought divine sanction not only to their experience, but also to their communication of that experience and what the book means for everybody.
Also, witnessed statement is admissible evidence in court. It has to be taken very seriously. I love that Heavenly Father provided that.