Saturday, July 19, 2008

Simple Faith vs. Complex Faith

I have often heard people praise a person who has “simple faith” when that person acts courageously and experiences a miracle. I have often wondered about that, wondered why they call it “simple”, especially when it is demonstrated in great ways and brings about great things.

I finally think I know the answer. The answer lies in the term “simple” as opposed to “complex”.

What would “complex faith” be like? It is perhaps embodied in a statement similar to this:

“If I ask in faith, believing I will receive, and if what I ask is right, and if Heavenly Father is in the mood to answer, and if it is to help someone else, and if it is an emergency, and if I am completely helpless, and if it isn’t something that the Lord wants me to figure out for myself…. then I shall receive.”

You see? Too many conditions have to be met in our minds for us to feel like we can ask and receive. Simple faith, on the other hand, is embodied in a statement like this:

“If I ask in faith, I shall receive.”

Where are all the other conditions? The nit-picky conditions that fetter “complex faith” aren’t even a worry. One of simple faith is close to God already; they are so good, they take it for granted that they are asking for the right thing. They have educated their desires to only want what is good. They have made the Lord’s perspective their own and they see the goal from afar.