Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Epiphany on the Sacrament

Devon and I got in a discussion about the sacrament as he was preparing for his primary lesson.

I started thinking about the symbolism and realized that that piece of bread symbolized Christ's flesh and that water symbolized Christ's blood that had been shed for my sins.

I held out my hand and in it I visualized a piece of flesh torn from Christ's body and a little cup of His blood and thought, "That is the price of my sins."

I thought about whether I could possibly dare to commit sin if I knew that my best friend was going to have to pay for it with a chunk of flesh and a cup of blood and I knew then that I could never do it.

If anytime I was tempted to sin if only I could remember that flesh and blood torn for me, I wouldn't ever want to sin.

And then I realized that is precisely what we covenant to do in the sacrament--to always remember Christ and his suffering for us and the effects of our sin on him. (Michaela runs out of the room crying)

The sacrament will never be the same for me again.