Sunday, August 17, 2008

Prophesying the Future

And I, Nephi, said unto them: Behold they were manifest unto the prophet by the voice of the Spirit; for by the Spirit are all things made known unto the prophets, which shall come upon the children of men according to the flesh. (1 Nephi 22:2)
It doesn’t have to be visions or angels. This is why we must learn to listen to the Spirit, because it makes the future known to us, even if it is a little instructive “get this done”. That get-this-done implies a future need is coming, and so it implicitly tells the future.

One day this week I read my scripture after breakfast as I usually do, and somehow I found a scripture to blog about really quickly. I got right on it and I finished unusually fast. I had the feeling that I should go shower immediately, but I shrugged it off and started checking other blogs that I like to follow regularly. Time slipped away doing this and that. All of a sudden I heard a noise from outside in the front that sounded like our sprinklers had just come on, but it sounded twice as loud as they usually do. I was puzzled by this and went to go check. Imagine my dismay when I discovered an exposed PVC pipe of our sprinkler system had ruptured its glue and water was spraying all over the house and the postage stamp yard. The shut-off valve was right there and I yanked it closed. But now the house was without water. And I was in my pajamas and still not showered. At 11:30 AM. (I was a lazy bum that day.)

How nice that we had about 9 gallons of emergency water stored. At least I could brush my teeth… (No, it doesn’t take 9 gallons of water for me to scrub my pearly whites..)

That silent suggestion to go shower quickly was a manifestation of the Spirit of the Lord prophesying of things shortly to come in my life. Had I been willing to listen I would have felt more secure in the face of this minor disaster and less embarrassed at my own indolence.

This is the same Spirit that is whispering to the prophet and apostles to speak so much to us about strengthening our families. Will we listen?