Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Are you curious about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?

1)“Mormon” is a nickname for those belonging to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Other nicknames include “LDS” and “Latter-day Saints.” We prefer the full name of the church, so please use that. If you want to label us as individuals, please call us "Latter-day Saints."
2)The Church was restored in 1830, in upstate New York by Joseph Smith.
3)The current prophet and president of the church (as of 2008) is Thomas S. Monson.
3)Number of members worldwide are about 13,000,000
4)Local churches are led by unpaid, volunteer members
5)Members of the Church are well-represented in government; 16 Congressmen are Latter-day Saints.

1)Latter-day Saints believe in God the Eternal Father, and in His Son Jesus Christ and in the Holy Ghost.
2)Latter-day Saints consider Christ their personal Savior and example. They worship God in the name of Christ, and Christ is the core of the church.
3)Latter-day Saints believe in the eternal nature of the soul.
4)Latter-day Saints believe that the original church was lost, but has been restored through modern-day prophets, along with ordinances, temples, and many doctrines and principles important for the salvation of man.
5)Latter-day Saints believe in the Bible and Book of Mormon as both testaments of the divinity and mission of Christ.

1)Latter-day Saints believe the family to be the basic unit in the church and in society.
2)Latter-day Saints are committed to a definition of marriage as between one man and one woman.
4)Latter-day Saints believe in the principle of chastity – abstention from all sexual contact before marriage and complete fidelity after marriage.
3)The practice of polygamy was limited and has been discontinued since the late 1880s.
4)Families worship together in church.
5)Latter-day Saints hold Family Home Evenings weekly to teach their children religious values.
6)Children’s organizations and youth organizations in the church are a support to the family, but don’t substitute for it.
7)Latter-day Saints believe in the importance of doing family history to find out about their heritage.
8)The highest ordinances relate to families, both living and dead.

Fruits of the restored gospel - Judge the religion by the results
1)Longer life than the national average
2)Married temple-goers have much lower divorce rate
3)Education level higher than national average
4)70,000 members volunteer to serve at their own expense around the world
5)Strong emphasis on self-reliance and work ethic, service to others, donation to humanitarian causes

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