Friday, July 22, 2011

If the Book of Mormon had scouting

If the Nephites had the Boy Scout program, these are what merit badges I think the different people would have been earned. (Keep in mind, I’m not being very strict about fulfilling all the particular merit badge requirements.)

--Public Speaking merit badge (preaching to Jerusalem)
--Pathfinding (leading the way in the wilderness with help from Liahona)
--Wilderness Survival
--Genealogy (searching out family lines on plates)
--Family Life (coping with Laman and Lemuel)

--Camping merit badge (leaving Jerusalem, living in wilderness)
--Personal Fitness (for being large in stature)
FAILED American Business (got cheated when trying to exchange possessions for plates)
--Theater (dressing up as Laban and acting like him)
--Scholarship (getting brass plates, writing)
--American Cultures, American Heritage (vision of American history)
--Archery (making a bow and arrow)
--Family Life (coping with Laman and Lemuel, obeying father)
--Metalwork (for making metal plates and tools for building boat)
--Carpentry (building a ship)
--Small-boat Sailing (crossing the ocean)
--Weather (surviving storm)
--Architecture (building a temple)
--Reading (love for Isaiah)

King Benjamin
--Citizenship in the Nation merit badge
--Architecture (tower-building)
--Public Speaking

--Orienteering merit badge (taking people back to land of Nephi)
--Farm Mechanics (tilled the ground)
--Citizenship in the Community (helped defend people against Lamanites)
--Emergency Preparedness (defense against Lamanites)

--Public Speaking merit badge
--FAILED Fire Safety

search party sent by Limhi to find Zarahemla
--Hiking merit badge
--FAILED Pathfinding (did not find Zarahemla)
--Archeology (found Jaredite civilization remains and plates)

Mosiah II
--Animal Science merit badge (laboring to not be burdensome, teaching sons to be shepherds)
--Farm Mechanics (tilled the ground)
--Reading (translating Jaredite record)
--Citizenship in the Nation (setting up Judgeship)

Alma the Elder
--Emergency Preparedness merit badge (leaving King Noah’s people immediately after finding they were discovered, leaving land of Helam when Lamanite guards were asleep)
--Wilderness Survival
--American Labor (enslaved by Lamanites)
--Hiking (to find Zarahemla)
--Orienteering (finding the land of Zarahemla)
--Family Life (praying for wayward son Alma)

Alma the Younger
--Public Speaking merit badge (after conversion)
--Law (for being the chief judge)
--Hiking (travel while preaching)
--Geology (surviving earthquake in Ammonihah prison)
--Family Life (teaching his sons)
--Journalism (kept record of the Nephites)

Ammon, son of Mosiah
--Camping merit badge (traveling to Lamanite lands)
--Animal Science (shepherding)
--Crime Prevention (stopping Lamanites from scattering sheep)
--Communication (teaching gospel)
--First Aid (assessing King Lamoni’s unconscious condition)

--FAILED Indian Lore merit badge (joined Nephites instead)
--Hiking (leaving Lamanite lands)
--Citizenship in the Nation (giving food to Nephite armies)

Captain Moroni
--Citizenship in the Community merit badge (raising Title of Liberty)
--Public Speaking
--Citizenship in the Nation (leading Nephite armies)
--Architecture (building fortifications)

--Law merit badge
--Citizenship in the Nation

stripling warriors
--Citizenship in the Nation merit badge (volunteering for army)
--Family Life (listening to mothers, defending liberty of fathers, remembering mother’s teaching)
--Hiking (decoying Lamanites away)
--First Aid (probably helping each other after everyone was wounded)

--Small-boat Sailing merit badge

Nephi & Lehi
--Family Life merit badge (brothers that work very well together)
--Public Speaking
--Hiking (traveling to preach)
--Fire Safety (for standing in a pillar of fire)

--Crime Prevention merit badge (revealing murder of Gadianton robbers)

Samuel the Lamanite
--Climbing merit badge (getting on Zerahemla’s walls)
--Public Speaking (preaching to Zarahemla on city wall)
--Astronomy (for predicting signs in the heavens of Christ’s birth)

--Citizenship in the Nation merit badge (chief judge)
--Emergency Preparedness (defending against Gadianton robbers)
--Crime Prevention (defeating Gadianton robbers)

Jesus Christ
--Citizenship in the World merit badge (Atonement)
--Aviation (descending and ascending from heaven)
--Public Speaking
--Law (fulfilled it and gave a higher one)
--Medicine (healed people)

1st generation of Nephites after Christ’s visit
Family Life merit badge

The Three Nephites
--Fire Safety merit badge (not hurt when thrown in furnaces)
--Animal Science (played with wild beasts when fed to them)
--Public Speaking (preaching)
--American Heritage (still alive)

--Citizenship in the Nation merit badge (general in Nephite army)
--Journalism (reporting destruction of Nephites)
--Collections (for keeping records)
--Reading (compiling Nephite history)
--American Heritage (writing B of M)

--Hiking merit badge
--American Heritage
--Wilderness Survival
--Geocaching (hiding plates)

Brother of Jared
--Communication merit badge (Tower of Babel)
--Geology (melting out 16 small stones)
--Small-boat Sailing

--Public Speaking merit badge (preaching)
--Journalism (reporting destruction of Jaredites)
--Geocaching (hiding plates)

Nephite civilization in general
Textile (fine-twined linen, costly apparel)
Architecture (city and fort-building)
Religious Knot …….. and then Religious-Not
FAILED Crime Prevention (Gadianton robbers)
“Leave No Trace” award