Friday, July 8, 2011

Ammon as a type of Christ

When Ammon works as a shepherd for King Lamoni, he becomes a type of Christ as the good shepherd in the last days:
• He’s a king’s son
• He brings the sheep to water
• He gives directions as to how to gather the scattered sheep and he helps with the gathering
• He shows his power to his fellow shepherds in preserving the flocks
• He defends the flock against hostile forces that would scatter the flocks again


Becky Rose said...

I have a list like this from the book The Holy Secret, but it's only from men in the Bible. Very cool to see one in the BOM. I should of known!

grego said...

*He leaves his kingdom, because of love, to save others "below" him.

*He gathers all the sheep that were given to him.

Michaela Stephens said...

Becky, it's taking time, but gradually I'm finding types of Christ in the Book of Mormon too, as well as in the Old Testament.

grego, great points to add. Thanks for that.

atkinson23 said...

Christ taught about the unprofitable servant, that after doing a full day of works, goes and does more service for his master, and then says "I did that which was my duty to do." (Luke 17). Ammon too, after doing a great service in defending the flocks, rather than wanting a reward or recognition, goes and serves some more by preparing the horses and chariots. And then he finally goes to the king to give more service but not for any recognition.