Friday, July 29, 2011

16 scriptural signs of being stiffnecked (for self-identification)

We see the adjective “stiffnecked” fairly often in the scriptures, particularly in the Book of Mormon. I decided to look at the different verses to collect the “stiffnecked” characteristics so that I could get a better idea of what it would be besides just “stubborn.”

A stiffnecked person:
  1. Thinks Christ isn't the right way. (2 Nephi 25:28)
  2. Despises plain words, kills the prophets, seeks for words not understood, and looks beyond the mark. (Jacob 4:14)
  3. Always resists the Spirit of the Lord, receives the law, but doesn't keep it. (Acts 7:51,53)
  4. Does not serve the Lord or go to the temple. (2 Chron. 30:8)
  5. Builds up churches to themselves to get gain and tranfigures the holy word of God to bring damnation to themselves (Mormon 8:33)
  6. Is "hard to understand." (Enos:22)
  7. Sets at naught the commandments of God (Helaman 4:21)
  8. Is quick to do iniquity and slow to remember the Lord. (Mosiah 13:29)
  9. Spends their days in gross iniquity (Alma 26:24)
  10. Thinks the Lord will allow them to go on in their way of sin. (Helaman 9:21)
  11. Causes contention. (Omni:28)
  12. Gets angry when told they are stiffnecked. (Alma 9:31)
  13. Doesn't know that God can do marvelous works. (Alma 9:5)
  14. Doesn't repent of their sins, but ascribes the power displayed by servants of God to the devil. (Alma 15:15)
  15. Doesn't hearken to the words of God, but casts out, smites, drives from house to house and place to place, casts into prison, and binds servants of God (Alma 20:30)
  16. Can't be governed by law or justice except to their destruction. (Helaman 5:3)

Ouch. I think I found some stuff I need to repent of.

Now… let’s turn this around and describe one who is NOT stiffnecked.

One who is NOT stiffnecked:
  1. Believes Christ is the right way.
  2. Loves plain words, reveres the prophets, seeks for clear principles, knows the mark to aim for is Christ.
  3. Always submits to the Spirit of the Lord, receives the law and keeps it.
  4. Serves the Lord and goes to the temple.
  5. Builds up churches to Christ, avoids self-aggrandizement, carefully transmits the word of God to bring eternal life to themselves.
  6. Is easy to understand.
  7. Highly values the commandments of God.
  8. Is quick to do good works, and slow to turn from the Lord.
  9. Spends their days in great righteousness.
  10. Knows the Lord will not tolerate their sin, forsakes it.
  11. Makes peace.
  12. Searches their souls when told they are stiffnecked.
  13. Knows God can do marvelous works.
  14. Repents of their sins and ascribes to God the power displayed by the servants of God.
  15. Hearkens to the words of God, receives, is hospitable to and respectful of servants of God, allowing them great freedom to travel and preach.
  16. Can be governed by law and justice, even without severe penalties.


Curls said...

Ouch! I too have things to repent of. Thank you for the work you did putting this together; it's very kind of you to share it with the rest of us.

Stefanie said...

I'll be joining that repentance bandwagon.