Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Notes from Tuesday Education Week

My husband and I are enjoying Education Week at BYU right now, and I thought I'd post my notes for anyone who would like to have gone (and might happen to be interested in our choice of classes.  (I have 13 pages worth of notes and they are not spellchecked.)

“Abraham Lincoln and the Early Mormon Church”  by Ron L. Andersen
Lincoln learned to read from the Bible
L. Believed in predestination and everything pre-decided.  (his parents’ religion)
Lincoln had excellent memory.  Listened to sermon, then gave it again to his friends.
Loved to read
Was a store clerk, postmaster, taught himself law.
Zion’s Camp camped about 10 miles west of Springfield where Lincoln was.
Read the Sangomo Journal, which mentions “Mormonites” in a negative fashion.
137 articles in this newspaper about the Latter-day Saints
No city was written about more than Nauvoo, no individual written more about than Joseph Smith.
Lincoln had a problem with religion.  Friends saw him as an infidel. He joined no church, did not believe in predestination, didn’t believe in eternal damnation (believed in limited suffering that would eventually end), believed all were eventually be saved.  Believed we are not punished for Adam’s transgression (wrote a paper on what he believed, but this paper was burned by a town drunk. Doh!)
Many church’s would no accept him because of his particular religious beliefs.
L. searched the scriptures. 
No vices.
Felt he had so many evidences of being guided by some other power that he couldn’t deny that power came from above.
L. would pray when he could see no other way out, then trust.
He joined no church because he could not assent to their long, complicated creeds without reservation.  
Seemed disgusted by the hysterical demonstrations at camp meetings
L. felt ahead of time that the storm was coming respecting slavery and felt he had a part to play.
What did Lincoln think of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?  We don’t know.
Petern Cartwright wrote a pamphlet 1846   saying L. was “an open scoffer at Christianity” and L. made his own statement in response
“I have never spoken with intention disrespect of religion in general, or any denomination of Christians in particular.  The habit of arguing thus however, I have, entirely left off for more than five years.”
While friends, ministers, politicians, newspapers were openly critical of Latter-day Saints, Lincoln was silent on their doctrine, politics, and polygamy.  All others wanted to eradicate the “twin relics of barbarism—slavery and polygamy.”
If L. had embraced the gospel?  The end of his political career.  Hard to imagine that he did not know of their doctrine.  Obstacles in his way?  Stephen A. Douglas was a friend to the Latter-day Saints, but later turned against them.  James Adams helped the Latter-day Saints, but also defended a case against L. over a property dispute.
No evidence that L. and JS ever met.
JS had at least 3 visits to Springfield
Katherine Mulliner (Latter-day Saints) in Springfield IL, did laundry for Abraham Lincoln while her husband was on a mission.
Globe Tavern.  L. lived there with Mary Todd when they were first married, but left by the time Latter-day Saints missionaries stayed there.
Latter-day Saintss slight Lincoln at the polls in favor of a democrats
Joseph Smith sent John. C. Bennett to Springfield to get the Nauvoo charter. Politicians courted the Latter-day Saint vote at that time.
Lincoln was courting Mary Todd at that time.
Times and Seasons notes that Latter-day Saints erased L. name from ballot not out of dislike but to show friendship to Democratic party. 
Joseph Smith was tried in Lincoln’s law office building in Springfield IL.  Lincoln was not there at the time.
Joseph Smith trial for attempted murder of Missouri gov. Boggs was big news.
Mary Todd Lincoln (and a few other women) was at the trial, setting at the judge’s bench because no other seats open in the room.
L. is compassionate to blacks, indians, slave owners, alcoholics…  Latter-day Saints too?
Stephen A Douglas turned on the Latter-day Saints.  JS told him would aspire to the presidency and if he turned against the Latter-day Saints he would feel the weight of the hand of God upon him.  Stephen called the Latter-day Saints a “pestiferous ulcer..”  4 months after losing pres election, he was dead.
John Wentworth (recipient of the Wentworth letter) was a good friend of L. 
L. checked out a Book of Mormon from Library of Congress in 1861, along with other books on the Mormons.  Returned the other books in 3 days, returned the BofM to library after 8 months. 
Brigham Young thought L. “weak as water” (general conference April 1861)
L. stand on Latter-day Saints?  “If he’ll [Young] leave me alone, I’ll leave him alone.”
(Brigham Young was ecstatic about this response)
Lincoln removed certain Utah governors at the request of the Latter-day Saints
L. wrote to Young to request protection of telegraph lines cut by indians. Young complied.
When L. re-elected, Latter-day Saints were happy.  Celebration.

DEVOTIONAL – Elder M. Russell Ballard
Be cautious and wise while learning to keep uppermost in our minds the simple doctrine of Christ—faith, repentance, baptism, receiving the Holy Ghost, enduring to the end.
While watching presentation of performance of church history in England, he was touched by the overwhelming contribution of Saints there.
How did the missionaries reap such a great harvest with so little?  They had an abiding deep testimony of Joseph Smith.  They gave the principles of the doctrine of Christ as previously mentioned.
Simple truths powerfully explained penetrate the hearts of the people.
The women stood the challenges because of their faith and study.  Many came without their husbands and even some children.
In so many ways, women are the heart of the church.
Wants to pay tribute to the faithful women in the world.-- Please know the great affection and trust the 1st presidency and 12 quorum have in you.
During WWII, much was held together by the women.
“Above all else, brethren, let us think straight.” – words on a plaque in Elder Ballard’s office, spoken by his grandfather when dying.
Thinking straight is no more important than today.  The influence of persuasive communicators has never been greater than today.  Anyone can talk to anyone about anything.  Anyone clever and glib can find an audience and develop a following, but not everyone uses their influence to spread truth.  We need to think straight.
Think straight about the doctrine of Christ, as well about the Lord’s love for his daughters.
Men need to understand the essential role women have to strengthen the family [and other listed things].
We are the beloved spirit children of God. 
Heavenly Father created the plan of salvation.  It called for men to fall and be separated from God for a time.  Provided for atonement of Christ.  Provided for sacred ordinances and covenants.  Provided access to power of God to achieve eternal life and find joy.
Some question the place of women in the plan and in the church.  Journalists interviewing have preconceived notions.  Women are not 2nd-class citizens as they think.
Five key points:
--God created both women and men.  Gender is eternal.  Plan is meant to help ALL who choose to follow to achieve destiny as heirs.  Surely they understand best how to prepare, teach, and lead us.  Heavenly Father is omniscient.  There is controversy.  We can seek the Lord in prayer.
--The church is the Lord’s church and is governed by priesthood keys, given by God to govern the church on earth.   All men and women serve under the direction of those who have keys.  Priesthood is an everlasting principle and will exist forever.  Only the Lord can give the priesthood to another.  Men are NOT the priesthood.  They administer it.  Both procreative power and priesthood power are shared between men and women.   The Lord has not revealed WHY the Lord has organized the church as he has.  What we already know about God teaches us to trust him about what we don’t know.  What we know trumps what we don’t know.   It comes down to our faith and whether we believe it is the Lord’s church.  Women are integral to the governance of the church through their service.  Approximately half of the teaching done in the church is by women.  Service, planning, counsel, is provided by women.
Story of 63 men sustained to the priesthood in Stake conference in Tonga.  How? Relief Society president spoke of the men that needed rescue.  Stake president decided to reach out to them with a coordinated effort.  Great success.
Importance of counsels in the church.  Some priesthood leaders have not yet started to include sisters in full partnership in church counsels.  There is some abuse as well, which is abhorrent to God.   If sisters are not included, priesthood leaders are not honoring their priesthood.
To sisters, sister input is important, but women should not assume a role that is not theirs.
Men respect women distinctive spiritual gifts, women respect priesthood.
--Men and women are equal in God’s eyes and in the church, but that does not mean that they are the same.  Some become confused when comparing the assignments of men and women.  He knows that young mothers and young women sometimes question their worth and ability to contribute.  He knows the Lord will bless them.  Different strengths, points of view, different inclinations.   Be careful not to tamper with Heavenly Father’s purposes in our lives.
--Men and women are endowed with the same power in the temple.  Access to the power and the blessings of the priesthood is available to both men and women.  The endowment is a gift of power.  All who enter the temple officiate in the ordinances of the priesthood. 
--We need women of the church to know and declare testimony of the doctrine of Christ as best they can.  We need more of the distinctive and influence of women.  Only we can show the world what women of God are like.  Seek the guidance of heaven to know what you can do to make your voice be heard.  Priesthood can’t do it alone; all must defend the Savior, his plan, and his church.  Seek courage by preparing with study of the gospel.  Trying to adjust the plan is a pointless exercise, so don’t waste time on it.
Be strong and courage and fear not.  You can’t stand on the sidelines and just watch.
We are at a time when we must stand in unity and stand for the plan of Heavenly Father at a time when it is being pushed aside.
Testimony of Christ.

“Contention—How to Eliminate it”  S. Dee Barrett
  Want to identify and explain what contention to try to eliminate it. 
Eliminating contention is part of baptismal covenants
3 Nephi 11:23-  how to baptize “in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Ghost”  They are unified.  The Father and the Son and Holy Ghost are one.
No disputations to be among you about baptism or about my doctrine 
Those with the spirit of contention is not of Christ, but of the devil.
Since we have covenants not to contend, the Lord will empower us to do this.
We renew our baptismal covenant
Stats about contention.  Divorce, abuse, runaways, wars,
Helaman 3:1-3  “No contention save it were a little pride”  Contention starts with pride   Causes dissentions. 
--arguments, fights, unrighteous dominion, generation gaps, divorce, abose, riots, disturbances
--enmity – hostility toward God and man – rebellion, hard-heartedness, stiff-neckedness, unrepentant, puffed, up, easily offended, sign-seekers.  
Ephesians 2:12-15  “the wall of partition” between us and God
 Who tears down the “middle wall of partition”?   Christ makes both one.
We may put others’ offenses and make it a division between us and build a wall between us and them and pull away our love from that person.
4 Nephi 1:15  “no contention in the land.  Because of the love of God which did dwell in the hearts of the people”
When does an issue turn into contention?  When we pull away our hearts from them.
Like light withdrawing and bringing darkness, the love of God withdrawing brings contention.
Contention is contagious.  We might take it to other people.  From work to home.
We can get better at getting rid of it quick.
We have to make a conscious choice to not pull away our heart when others do something to us.
Every marriage has issues.  That’s okay.  Issues with contention are magnified and become almost unsolvable.  Once contention is eliminated, they are solveable with skills.  Issues with problem-solving skills are relatively small.
First step may be noticing how many times we pull our hearts away.
Antidote:  Gratitude   Moroni 10:3-5  It is hard to pull your heart away from someone when you’re grateful to someone.
Gratitude is a saving principle and an expression of faith.   [What does it save us from?  Bad attitude.  Negativity.  Unbelief.]
Gratitude does good things for our hearts.
“Think to thank” – A formula for happy marriages, enduring friendship, and personal happiness
Receiving all things with thankfulness shall make us glorious and the things of this earth shall be added to him/her even an hundred fold and more (D&C 78:19)
If gratitude is absent, rebellion enters and fills the vacuum.  Rebellion against virtue.  A grateful heart is a beginning of greatness, an expression of humility, building a foundation for the development of other virtues.
Helaman 16:22  Satan spread rumors and contentions to harden the hearts of the people against that which was good and against that which should come.
Contention hardens the hearts of those around us against what is good and against Christ.
A man who is contentious will turn his kids against that which is good.
Spritual gifts—kind, slow to anger, assumes good intent
Assume good intent,  make a choice not to be offended.
Moroni 10:3 pondering the great things the Lord has done for the children of men.
Murmurring is contagious.  Instead, be of good cheer

“Teenagers and Adults are actually Faster Language Learners than Children: Research Facts and Implications for you” R. Kirk Belnap
Directior in the National Middle East Lanague Resource Center
After 9-11, government realized we are not prepared
Mission—Reach more students, increase quality of learning opportunities for all students.
What should I study?  Any language!  Skills of learning will be applicable for other languages
Economically wise to learn lesser-known. – Chinese
What is the most critical factor in learning?  Class responses:  Enthusiasm, desire, confidence (need opportunities for mastery experience that give you joy in the journey), belief in the teacher, desire to share, perseverance, knowing your learning styles, implementing what you’ve learned   TEACHER ANSWER:  time on task (attention)  The more we can construct our experience so that we’re enjoying it, the more we do it.  “He who wants to get drunk does not count the cups.”
Who’s faster at learning languages—children or adults?
Adults are way faster in everything.
Kids do well because they have nothing else to do but learn. 
Adults don’t like to feel dumb when they’re learning. (Instead, say, “Okay, I feel dumb! So what?”)
Language learning is one of the best ways of stretching your brain
Why do children end up with better language ability?  They stick with it.
If adults stick with it, they will be just as good.
Power law of practice.  When you first try to do something, it is slow going.  The number of repetitions is the big factor. 
Language learning requires us to humble ourselves and become as a child again to facilitate learning (3 Nephi 11:37)
Example of kid that learned 17 languages in 2 years.  Knows 20 languages at age 16
He had a teacher and a TA who were both tri-lingual.  (Role models)
He unwinds by watching foreign languages films, learning about languages, books, flashcards on subways.  Looking for opportunities on the streets.  Find a Skype partner and try out on the web with someone who wants to learn English and share their language.
The gift of tongues most often merely accelerates the normal process of learning.  The Spirit helps.
D&C 90:15 Become acquainted with languages, tongues, and people.
JS wanted to learn Hebrew, German, Latin… even though he translated the BofM with the urim and thummim
Language is good to do with family. 
Swedish research – Brain growth in language learner is great.  Medical students brains weren’t growing.
Evening courses, open enrollment and intensive study for summer.
Some Commercial products fail miserably, especially ones with a large advertizing budget
Online programs for continuing education.
Many models provide access to a live tutor.
Center for Advance Study for Language in the University of Maryland

“Choosing Complete Healing, Not just symptom relief: New Strategies for dealing with distressing events and moving on with power”  Carrie M Wrigley
Don’t listen to the negative voice in your head saying, “It’s not worth it, no one’s going to come..”
Sexual addiction is the problem of our time, particularly pornography
Depression is the “gateway illness”
Depression is contagious.  People have thought it was genetic.
There’s a lot more depression now.  Becoming more common in youth and children.
We as a people are becoming more vulnerable as a people to depression.
Research: The older the person was, the less likely the person was to have experienced a depressive episode
Our culture, lifestyle, media, diet, and more have changed
Believing genetic source is not conducive to change.
If you heal an individual, you heal a family, and that heals an intergenerational family network
Medical community today usually targets symptoms and then targets them with a treatment
Symptom-centered treatment
Skills training—thinking, behavior, training
Christ-centered healing is much broader
Heal—to make or become whole
Christ-centered healing – centered in Christ, his teachings, and the guidance of his appointed mouthpieces
Healing—from what?  
When something bad happens, it is only natural to respond with ADASA response
ADASA response (Anxiety  Depression  Anger (with  God)  Stress  Addiction
Often physical problems are a stress-response to problem
Addiction is a response to stress
These occur separately or more commonly occur together, complicating one another
This often happens when using medication as a solution
Story of the woman with the issue of blood Mark 5:25-34
“nothing bettered, but rather grew worse”
The Lord’s healing is complete healing
Ponder the power of the Atonement and pray to understand how it can heal you.”
Satan is increasingly striving to overcome the Saints with despair, discouragement, despondency, and depression.  Many are giving up heart for the battle of life.” – Ezra Taft Benson 1974
1980 government department of physicians called depression an epidemic
The adversary stresses instant gratification
We want to be instantly emotionally comfortable.  When that doesn’t happen, some become anxious and seek solutions.
If miserable once in a while, stand steady and face it.  There is great purpose to our struggle in life
We learn to know the good from evil and close our hearts against evil
Close heart against darkness, depression, etc.  God has given this power to all of us and we can call upon Him for that which we lack.
Salvation is nothing more nor less than to triumph over all our enemies and put them under our feet.  God provides righteous alternatives.  
There are righteous alternatives to the ADASA response.
Healing is never a passive response.  IT takes work, learning, elements, applying, consistently and intentionally over a process of time
Stages of healing
Assessment and diagnosis, intervention and treatment, recover and rehabilitation, wellness and relapse prevention.
Ineffective approaches –
assessment-only therapy (overwhelming to know all about this)
medication-only treatment – finding 1970s
Misguided spirituality –“God, please take this away from me!” (fosters dependency)
God rarely takes away our problems, but he will
Visit us
Support us
Lead us through
Nourish, strength, and provide means for us
D&C 88:118  seek learning by study and also by faith (like both oars in a rowboat)
The better process of causes
1 relationships – triggers- grief, transition, conflict, lacking interpersonal skills, abuse, loss, disappointment
2 thoughts- how we think about the triggers can determine how we respond
3 behavior –
4 spirituality – how we live the gospel
This becomes cyclical
Identify – the trigger (can be very hard)
Replace – replace negative strategies with better ones
Assimilate – practice the  better strategies
Everything works better when the Christ is at the center of the process
[How does the atonement help us deal with disappointment and confusion?]
We can look to Christ for how to do things better.  How would he do things?

“Where did the Apocrypha come from? Wisdom sayings in the apocrypha” Jared W Ludlow
Apocrypha means “hidden” (from the world and only shared with the elect)
Negative sense – worthless and shouldn’t be read and should be hidden
2 Ezdras,
Prayer of Manassah (old testament king who was wicked but who eventually repented as noted in 2 Chron),
Baruch—you’re in exile, repent and you’ll be restored
Letter of Jeremiah – you’re going into the idolistic world, don’t be caught up in it
Judith – saves Israel from the Assyrians
Maccabees – when the Jews revolved against the Greek
Wisdom of Solomon
(Didn’t get as much because the technology support people in our overflow was trying to get a better picture)

Devon and Michaela amuse themselves making up some education week class titles that they want to see:
Latter-day Saints and Mahatma Ghandi—what did he know?
Contention is of the devil… except with Baptists: How do we live in a pluralistic society?
Joseph Smith’s shoes: What we can learn from what the prophet left behind
Porter Rockwell and Norman Rockwell: Are they related?
Faith-promoting rumors about temple construction

History and Background of the Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible” David A. LeFevre
The JST has impacted every member of the church, even if they don’t know it.
We don’t know how JS actually did the translation; he never talked about it
The impact of it is huge on JS
If the manuscripts had been lost, it would still would have had a large impact on the church
2013 edition have put many more JST changes in footnotes and appendix
as of old ones, 3902 verses changed
2641 were not put in the LDS scriptures
1261 total in LDS scriptures (old edition)
How did they get in our scriptures?  Robert J. Matthews researched them.  He did a masters thesis on the JST and a doctoral on it.  Built a relationship with Ron Howard
Ron Howard was historian for RLDS,
Robert Matthews asked for and got access to the actual manuscripts owned by the RLDS church.   typed the whole JST manuscript in1972
RLDS church had done a great job publishing it.  LDS were previously worried that the RLDS had corrupted it, but they hadn’t.
Result—1979 scriptures with JST changes in footnotes and appendix
We have more now because… RLDS was having difficulty preserving the manuscripts, asked BYU for help preserving manuscripts, BYU asked for permission to publish them when finished.
$8 DVD that has photos and transcripts of JST manuscripts
JST was “a branch of my calling” (JS)
He spent most of a summer on it
It brought out of the heart things new and old
He learned a new translation was needed. 
JSH 1:12  Teachers of the different sects understood the same passages of scripture so differently as to destroy confidence of settling questions with the Bible
JSH 1:36  (Moroni came)  Moroni quoted some of scripture differently from what was currently in the Bible.  First introduction to any other translation of the Bible
2 Nephi 12:2
D&C 7  A text given to John the revelator  and hidden by himself. 
1 Nephi 13:24-33  the great and abominable church will alter the scriptures
The translation was God’s will
D&C 9:2  Other records have I that I give to you power to translate, Oliver Cowdery helped with the JST
Moses 1:1  preceded the translation. Part of D&C 7 that kicked off JST, starting with Genesis.  Moses 1 is the preface to Genesis
Moses 1:40-41  
D&C 43:12-13  If you desire the glories and mysteries of the kingdom, provide food and raiment for JS so he can accomplish the work (JST)
The manuscripts
4 principle manuscripts  -- OT1 59 pages.  Genesis 1 – 49:1a
NT1   1831   65 pages   Matt. 1-26
NT2   Matt – Revelation  starts out as a copy and there are 70 verses from NT1 that got translated AGAIN!  (in Matt 26)
OT2   picked up where they left off and went on
Made notations on ending books in OT and noted them “correct”
“The Marked Bible” a JST manuscript --  The Bible they used for the translated
RLDS church has this Bible today
Different translation method by marking verse# and then put in different words
JST took 3 years 1830 to 1833
JS organized the church and then thought he was done. He planted his crops thinking he had done everything he had to do and he was done.  He was ready to retire and the JST pulled him out of it again
D&C 24  JS told to keep writing the things given and expound scripture to the church
D&C 25  Emma to be a scribe
The day after Sidney Rigdon meets JS, JS starts the JST again.
3 months, they do 21 chapters of Genesis  The Book of Moses
D&C 37  Told to go to Ohio before they translate any more
D&C 41  JS needs a house to live and translate in
D&C 42  Law of consecration revealed
D&C  45  a version of Matt 24.  Translate the New Testament to prepare for things to come
D&C 47  reminds them that transcription needs to be made (lesson learned from lost pages of BofM)  John Whitmer makes the copies
D&C 52  JS and SR got to Missouri
JS had to prepare to recommence the translation of the Bible.  (Studying the Bible?  Making notes?  (which we don’t have)  getting paper?  Who knows)
Members asked to support JS, but it didn’t happen.  They didn’t build him a house as told them by the Lord.
1 month spent doing edits on the book of commandments
D&C 71 
D&C 73
D&C 74  revelation on 1 Cor. 7:14 (even though they are at perhaps Luke in the translation) This is part of JS preparation to translate!
D&C 76  translating John 5:29
Verses was dictated exactl as JST.  Pause. The spirit gave the verse.  They changed the verse, then meditated on the change (3 word) and then they had the revelation.
D&C 77 

“Infertility—a Trial of Faith” Stephanie Halford Taylor
90% semen doesn’t make it through the cervix
Lots of experience with success and failures of infertility and trying to conceive
We tend to beat ourselves up for unbelief, thinking something is wrong with us.
The noblest works and foundations have proceeded from childless men which have sought to express the images of their minds where their bodies have failed”  -- Francis Bacon
“Behold, I have refined thee, but not with silver; I have chosen thee in the furnace of affliction” (Isaiah)
Every experience we have is part of the process of our refinement
“In sorrow shalt thou bring forth children”
“Some have trials to pass through, while others have allotments they are to live with.” (Elder Maxwell)
Why is it so hard?
Unmet expectations. Not how we envisioned things happening.  “To everything there is a season” [and a time to have children]
The ideal is the privilege of procreation, with the responsibility of it.  We are disturbed because our life does not fit that mold.  Through our obedience and faith in Christ, those parts will be fulfilled in the Lord’s due time.  Live the portion of the plan you can.  Being a wife and mother may not have its total fulfillment here but will in His time.
Illustration—11 year old boy to be ordained to the priesthood.  Looking forward to it, have been taught of it, you’ve seen good examples.  Your bishop tells you you’re worthy, but it isn’t time yet.  Just be faithful.
Our righteous desires aren’t being met
The natural man syndrome – unfair comparisons
(Can we submit to Heavenly Father?)
Feeling deeply inadequate at times can come as a result of unfair comparisons with those around.  We compare where we’re lacking with someone else’s strengths.
Children don’t always come exactly when their parents wanted them to.
Wife and husband aren’t always on the same page
Divine nature and destiny – commanded to be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth (Gen 1:28)  Also in Moses 4    The greatest mission of woman is to give life. 
The ultimate treasures on earth and in heaven are our children and posterity
Satan’s destructive influence – trying to blind men and lead them captive as many as would not hearken.  Discouragement is Satan’s weapon of mass destruction, such as thinking it is a punishment for something. (Cast that out!)
What infertility is and is not
--inability to conceive and/or carry a child (a MORTAL limitation)
many aspects are beyond our control and we can’t just fix it
Is not a sign of unworthiness or untrustworthiness
Not a punishment for prior immoral behavior
Not a sign you married the wrong person
Diversion from our plans causes disappointment from unmet expectations and can cause angst.
Let go of our expectations for our lives and let God work His wonders
Ardeth Kapp  never had children.  Was called to be gen. YW president
Eve was called the mother of all living before she had ever started bearing children
Satan exploits our challenges and trials in an effort to destroy us.  He employs derision to discourage us with feelings of worthlessness.  He uses the circumstances of life to drag us down so that we think less of ourselves than we should.
Discouragement has an eroding effect on our relationships with others and Heavenly Father.
Pray even in your darkest moments.
The unfair and the just.  “All things have been done in the wisdom of him who knoweth all things”  The teens that get pregnant, the mothers that don’t take care of their children, the abortions.
We can count on Heavenly Father’s plans, even when He cannot count on us.  He is committed to our agency.
Our culture.  Many pros and cons of being so tight-knit a church.
The Lord’s organization is adequate to care for our afflictions.  An increased capacity for compassion comes to those who suffer.   But people also take notice when things aren’t happening.
All those questions and comments.  “Prickly and daily reminders.”  People don’t think you have any experience or knowledge about families and children.
All things shall give us experience.  God gives us tutoring experiences so we will have first-hand experiences to refer to in the eternities.  Experiential learning is etched deeply into our souls and is not easily forgotten.
We don’t know what our experiences are going to prepare us for down the road.

“The foundation of well-being is esteem for God rather than esteem for Self”  H. Wallace Goddard
can sign up for emails from the extension service on family relationships.
“Getting our hearts right” program
D&C 46  3 principles of well-being
1.     Each person is given a gift
2.     No one has every gift
3.     God gives us gifts to serve others
Seek the best gifts, always returning thanks to God for what we’ve received.
Utahns don’t tend to trust the university about families
Scholarship, the gospel, experience—three ways of testing truth
Scholarship can help you discover more in the scriptures
Self-esteem is a difficult and delicate subject
Common myth – self-hate is not a good place to be, so we think we should have self-love.  American dogma has been that you have to love yourself first before you can love others.
The kid who thinks most highly of themselves are the ones who pick fights on the playground.
Self hate and self love are only two different forms of the same thing – self absorption.  The opposite of that is self-forgetfulness.
“Think of yourself less”
Everything is NOT about me.
We don’t always ask “What does this mean for me?”
Moses 1:3  Why all the titles for God? 
V4 “thou art my son”  Not trying to impress about God, but to trying to tell Moses who Moses is.
“My works are endless”   “I have a work for THEE, my son”
Contrast with Satan, who has remarkable self esteem (“WORSHIP ME!”)
Other Christians believe that heaven will be everyone focusing on worshipping God. (God-centered)
Moses 1:39 tells us the opposite—that God’s passion is to focus on helping us grow.
(God centered on us)
Would a man be considered a good parent if he considered all his family to quit their jobs and spend their time and energy on showing how great he is?
Self-love is incompatible of salvation.
D&C 59:8 God wants from us a broken heart and a contrite spirit.  That’s not clinical depression, but a recognition of our dependence on Christ.
We know Christ is happy because that’s how we are feel when we are close to the Spirit.
King Benjamin sounds like he is gloomy.  See Mosiah 4:11  If the knowledge of God brings us to the exceeding joy, remember our nothingness and his goodness and long-suffering toward us unworthy creatures
(Nothingness=our total dependence on God)
Alma 26:11  Ammon boasts in God.  He knew he was nothing, but in his strength I can do all things
Think about the times when we have felt closest to God.  We recognize our dependence on Him, but that doesn’t depress us.
Good psychology is squarely against the American self-esteem movement
Performance does not improve with better self-esteem
Better way is to get them doing things that really matter
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V11-12 all have not every gift
Every person has a gift
Several processes for discovering gifts   survey of character strengths  Book “Authentic Happiness”
Greatest satisfactions will come from using your signature strengths.
Manage your weaknesses rather than spending too much time trying to fix them.
Gifts are given so that all are profited thereby
A teacher who says “I’m so glad you asked that!” when students would ask what they thought was a stupid question.
Experiences we have call out our talents.  God gives us experiences to help us