Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Putting Together the Tabernacle

My husband and I were reading through Exodus and we hit the sections that talk about how the Tabernacle was put together. (There’s also directions for how the Lord wanted it made, which are given earlier.) In the midst of all the details about taches of gold and sockets of silver and curtains and loops and boards, there’s a verse that I really liked.

And he made fifty taches of gold, and coupled the curtains one unto another with the taches: so it became one tabernacle. (Exodus 36:13)

In the midst of all the little details and all the pieces, suddenly we get a picture of the unified result—voíla! One Tabernacle!

I couldn’t help but see how that was analogous to how all the individuals of ward or branch come together and suddenly—we are one, unified in Christ through the Spirit. All those taches (and meetings that build friendship) and curtains (services to help shelter each other from major difficulties) and couplings (temple marriages) –all of that helps build our strength and unity.

Another thing I’ve observed in reading about all this detail is that it is actually presented twice—once when the Lord revealed it to Moses, and again as the Israelites are building the equipment and putting the Tabernacle together.   While it may seem repetitious, it shows this was by the Lord’s command and not something the Israelites came up with themselves. It shows they were obedient in every detail. We don’t see the Lord commanding and then no action from his people to obey. Obedience is not taken for granted here.

 I also think this is notable because it gives us an example of when the full plan was given Moses all at once, not in dribs and drabs of incremental revelation. Big loads of revelation happen from time to time. And of course, the Lord chooses what situations call for a dumptruck-load of revelation versus a teaspoon-full of revelation in increments. Our part is to make ourselves ready to receive.  Eventually we get to see the full result, the unity of all the separate little projects are working toward.