Saturday, December 31, 2016

My Blogging Year in Review: The Small Plates of Michaela

Another year of blogging and I continue to be grateful for what the Lord teaches me through the scriptures.  The following posts are my favorites from 2016.
Thanks for reading and commenting!

Old Testament

Why a Serpent in the Garden of Eden?

Lessons from the Lord’s curse upon Satan in the Garden of Eden

New Lessons from the Genesis 39 Story of Joseph and Potiphar’s Wife

An unexpected indication of religious freedom and respect in Genesis

Addressing the question of a God who apparently commanded genocide in the Old Testament

I Will Make All My Mountains a Way

Isaiah on the joy of conversion

New Testament

Avoiding Lust

Doing it to the least of these, doing it to Christ

Rewards for supporting Christ’s side

New thoughts on the parable of the ten virgins

Jesus on casting out devils

The Dragon and the Beast

Revelation 10: The Angel Standing on Sea and Land

Book of Mormon

Lehi’s Dream: Three Tools of Satan, Three Tools of God

God shows men that they were lost so they need repentance

The Light That Can Never Be Darkened

Zeniff's powers of persuasion

An Amalekite’s Unbelief and Attempts at Self-justification

Observations on the poor Zoramites

Some thoughts about Amalickiah’s flattery and the dangers of “awesome”

Flee or Prepare for War

Some thoughts on Lehi’s army shielding and attacking

The Power of Covenants in Alma 44

Teancum’s great warriors

Unconquerable spirit, or not?

Alma 60: Captain Moroni’s letter to Pahoran may be less rash than we think

Survivor’s guilt versus the Lord’s assessment on sin in 3 Nephi 8-9

The Remnant of Israel as a Lion or a Bull

Jesus’s warning to those who don’t repent

The Brother of Jared’s Observation of how Men Perceive the Power of God

Some observations on Jared the usurper and his daughter

The Survival of Coriantumr As a Type

Laying hold on every good thing

Mormon speaks to those who don’t believe in Christ

Why did the Nephites have confidence in Mormon as a commander?

Doctrine & Covenants

Some points about the loss of the 116 pages of the Book of Mormon translation

The word of God as a sword, quick and powerful

The heavens shall shake for our good

Is it by the Spirit of truth or some other way?

The promise for seeking the Lord

Practical thoughts on the white stone given to inhabitants of the celestial kingdom


Pearl of Great Price

From my talk on the First Vision


Some Helpful Context about Tokens and Signs

Signs of the Times: Rumors of Wars

Some scriptures about pleasure

Living Water Versus Only Dreaming You Quenched Your Thirst