Thursday, December 31, 2015

My Blogging Year in Review: The Small Plates of Michaela for 2015

We have come to the end of yet another year! Amazing!  I remain ever grateful for the many insights the Lord has given me about the scriptures this year and the opportunity to share them with all those on the interet who are interested. 
Through the grace of God, I hope to continue to learn and share for another year.  Thank you too, for your comments.

Some posts on my blog are like flecks of gold, while others are like large nuggets, and the following are a list of my personal favorite posts from this year that I would put in the Small Plates of Michaela. They represent to me the equivalent of gold bricks.

Old Testament

Re-examining Job's Friends' Views of Who is Wicked

What the creation tells us about the atonement

Isaiah on the consequences of persecuting others

New lessons from Isaiah’s words about a book that is sealed

Jeremiah on the difference between trusting men and trusting God

New Testament

Re-examining Jesus’s appearance on the road to Emmaus

Examining events of the sixth seal in Revelation 6-7

When the seventh seal opens: Revelation 8

New perspective on the prodigal son Luke 15:11-18

John chastises the Pharisees and Sadducees

How Christ learned obedience

Lessons from how the JST illuminates the parable of the laborers in the vineyard

Thoughts on Mary and Zacharias’s experience with Gabriel

Jesus on children of prophet-killers

Jesus on Divorce Causing Adultery

Book of Mormon

Looking at Jacob’s quotations of Isaiah

Results of Nehor’s doctrine of preacher popularity

Nephites fight across the river to stop the Amlicites

Zeezrom’s questioning of Amulek and Amulek’s responses

Alma shares extra info about Melchizedek

Thoughts on the varied Lamanite responses to prostrate individuals during Ammon’s mission

Religious freedom or religious privilege among the Lamanites?

Characteristics of the Zoramite errors

Sources of humility

Neat principles in what Alma quotes Zenos about prayer

The Cause of Christians

Lies and fraud in Ammoron’s letter to Captain Moroni

Doctrine and Covenants

David Whitmer’s problem

The plague of flies in the last days

Pearl of Great Price

The breakdown of family in ancient Egypt


The Sin of Boasting

Warning Principles about Boasting

Some Latter-day Saint Flavors of Boasting

Boasting in Future Plans and some Patterns of Punishment

Examples of NOT Boasting

More Principles for Avoiding Boasting

The Societal Trend of Shaming

Taking Reproof and Repenting like an Astronaut

“How can I keep my covenant to always remember the Savior?”: Insights on the Youth Sunday school lesson


Reflections on a trip to Malaysia

 Happy New Year's Eve!