Thursday, July 23, 2015

Thoughts on the witness of the Spirit in the four Gospels

One of the things I’ve noticed recently as I have read through the four gospels is how confident Jesus is that His witness of the Father and His teachings are confirmed by the witness of the Spirit.  He taught fearlessly things that no man can know without revelation and that no man can hear and believe without the confirming witness of the Spirit. His confidence that His witness was confirmed teaches me to trust that my witness to the truth will also be confirmed. It teaches me that it is the Lord’s work to confirm witness, while my work now is to give witness.

I think we have to all learn that in order to do missionary work today.  In a secular world that denies the unseen, or among religious people who deniy the power of the Spirit or the power of godliness, it is really tempting to begin to think that it all depends on us and how smart or eloquent we are.  Thankfully it doesn’t depend on us, and that is why we all can share the gospel.