Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My Blogging Year in Review: Small Plates of Michaela for 2014

The following are my personal favorite posts from 2014 because of what I learned and how they changed me.  I categorized them for your convenience and better contextualization.  As you can see, my primary focus this year was the Old Testament. Enjoy!

Old Testament

All the Blessings of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob

Isaac Says Rebekah is His Sister

Jacob’s Messianic Blessing to Judah


Three signs the Lord gives Moses for the Israelites

What is the Covenant of the Sabbath?


Thoughts about the Altar of Incense in the Tabernacle

What is the Meaning of the Bells and Pomegranates on Aaron’s Robe in Exodus 28:33-35?

Lessons from the Shewbread

The Priestly Crown

The Candlestick in the Holy Place

The Ransom for a Census


Lessons from the Murmuring (and Over-Indulgence) in Numbers 11

A Sabbath-breaking Case and the Introduction of the Fringe

Murmuring and Rebellion about Priesthood Leadership in Numbers 16


Rahab Hides the Israelite Spies: Joshua 2

On Wiping out the Amalekites

Ehud, a Deliverer Raised Up

Gideon’s Debate with an Angel and the Sacrificial Sign

Gideon Destroys Baal’s Altar

Meaning in the Two Signs of the Fleece

How Lord Tests Gideon’s Ranks to Choose the Few

Jepthah and Jepthah’s daughter as a types of Christ

Re-examining Samson’s First Philistine Romance

Judges 17-18: When there was no king in the land

A Story of Procrastination in Judges 19


Little missed detail about the state of the Tabernacle under Eli

The Ark of the Covenant in Exile: 1 Samuel 5-6

Israel’s Repentance Process After Regaining the Ark

The Israelites' Deeper Problem with Wanting a King

Jonathan as a type of Christ in 1 Samuel 14

Eliab versus David as choices for king

The big lesson from all the attempts on David’s life in 1 Samuel 18

David flees the Manhunt

Nabal and Abigail in 1 Samuel 25

Saul visits the medium in 1 Sam 28


The Death of Absalom as a type of Christ

Why call Him “Prince of Peace”?

New Testament

How Jesus’s Water-to-Wine Miracle can Help Us Today

How Jesus gains his disciples through member missionary work

New insight on the Parable of the Sower

Using the Lord’s Prayer to Guide Our Prayers

The Woman Taken in Adultery

Watch For The Thief


The Manner the Twelve Choose Another Apostle in the New Testament

Paul finds some odd disciples

The New Song Sung Before the Throne

KJV Versus JST: the Woman Clothed with the Sun in Revelation 12

Pearl of Great Price

Eve, the Mother of All Living


Religious Freedom: Foundations, Privileges, Limits, Benefits, and More

How is the Holy Ghost always to be with each of us when there are many of us?

What can Baptism Metaphors Teach Us?

15 Ways to Study a General Conference Talk to Teach a Lesson

Take Heed to Yourselves

Reaching for Humility


Raspberries and Humility

Thanks for reading!