Friday, May 9, 2014

Scripture Marking Exercise: Revelation given to Gideon in Judges

 Sometimes we don’t know what to mark or how to mark it as we study scriptures. It came to me that it might be interesting to you readers to have posts that suggest simple scripture marking exercises.  If I post something, it will be because I have done it myself and derived benefit from it.
These exercises will help you recognize patterns in the text and can be a starting point for inquiry in your scripture study.

The story of Gideon stretches from Judges 6 to 8 and includes a surprising amount of revelatory experience.

Open your scriptures and in Judges 6-8 highlight every instance where the Lord, or an angel talks to Gideon, or when the spirit of God comes upon Gideon. 

Look for the following types of phrases:
·      “there came an angel of the Lord”
·      “the angel of the Lord appeared unto him”
·      “the Lord…said”
·      “the Lord said”
·      “the angel of the Lord said”
·      “the Spirit of the Lord came upon Gideon”

You might also mark instances where Gideon speaks to God.

Now what?

Some questions to think about after you survey your markings:
·      How much revelation does Gideon receive and what does this say about his spiritual sensitivity?
·      How might the things Gideon is doing relate to whether revelation comes or not?
·      What do Gideon’s experiences teach us about having or developing a relationship with God?
·      How are revelation and miracles related in the life of Gideon?
·      How is obedience and sacrifice related to miracles in the life of Gideon?
·      How much revelation does Gideon receive at the beginning versus the end of these chapters? 
·      Can you think of any explanations for what you see?

Finally, what principles can you formulate to capture what you learn?