Saturday, March 15, 2014

Judging by the Commandments

11 Therefore I will be your king the remainder of my days; nevertheless, let us appoint judges, to judge this people according to our law; and we will newly arrange the affairs of this people, for we will appoint wise men to be judges, that will judge this people according to the commandments of God.
12 Now it is better that a man should be judged of God than of man, for the judgments of God are always just, but the judgments of man are not always just. (Mosiah 29:11-12)

I used to get confused by v12, thinking that Mosiah was saying that the people would have to wait until the afterlife to receive just judgment from God, since only men were rendering judgment on earth and men couldn’t be trusted to judge justly.  But recently I realized that Mosiah was saying wise men could judge according to the commandments of God and that would be as if they were being judged by God.  If a judge uses God’s commandments as the way to judge, he should be able to render a judgment God would render. 

How much I wish the laws of God were the laws of our land!  They seem to be getting further apart.  Yet we can look forward to a time when Christ will come, the earth will be cleansed, and the laws of God will be reinstituted for society.