Saturday, March 29, 2014

How Ammon (from the book of Mosiah) is a type of Christ

In Mosiah, the Ammon who finds the people of Limhi and leads them back to Zarahemla is a type of Christ.
  • He is a descendent of Zarahemla, a son or grandson of a king.  (Christ was the Only Begotten Son of the Heavenly King.)
  • He searches for people who have been lost to knowledge for generations (Jesus came to a people who had been lost to God for generations since Adam.)
  • He is not well received at first; King Limhi was about to put him to death, but hesitated. (This typifies Pilate’s hesitance to have Christ crucified.)
  • Ammon is thrown in prison for three days, a symbol of Christ’s three days in the tomb.
  • He is released from prison.  (Christ was resurrected.)
  • He declares who he is, with the declaration that  “if ye had known me ye would not have suffered that I should have worn these bands” (Likewise, Christ preached to the Jews that if they had known him and where he came from, they would have received him.)
  • He is joyfully received as a savior who will deliver Limhi’s people from bondage, since they have discovered they can’t deliver themselves.   (Christ is received joyfully among those who believe he can save them from their sins.)
  • He preaches the gospel to the people, explaining the words of King Benjamin.  (Christ preached the gospel of the Heavenly King.)
  • He leads the people of Limhi out of bondage and returns them to live under the authority of a good king.  (Christ leads those who believe in Him out of sin’s slavery and returns them to live with God.)


Corine Moore said...

WOW! There is quite a bit of insight here... Thank you. I REALLY enjoyed reading this! I especially love the bit about Judah being a type for Christ, and of the example of how a person can learn, grow, repent, and truly change. INSPIRATION. Pure inspiration... :)
Thanks again,
Corine :D

Michaela Stephens said...

I'm glad you felt inspired, Corine!

I've been reading through the Old Testament looking for more types of Christ.