Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Surrendered for real, or not?

12 And it came to pass that not many days had passed away before the Lamanites began to lose all hopes of succor; therefore they yielded up the city unto our hands; and thus we had accomplished our designs in obtaining the city Cumeni.
 13 But it came to pass that our prisoners were so numerous that, notwithstanding the enormity of our numbers, we were obliged to employ all our force to keep them, or to put them to death.
 14 For behold, they would break out in great numbers, and would fight with stones, and with clubs, or whatsoever thing they could get into their hands, insomuch that we did slay upwards of two thousand of them after they had surrendered themselves prisoners of war. (Alma 57:12-14)

Here in this block of verses, we see that the Lamanites, after they had yielded the city would still try to break free, and they would fight with anything they could get.  This indicates that although the Lamanites said they had surrendered, they hadn’t really. 

The spiritual lesson from this should be plain—once we have surrendered our will to God’s, do we still try to fight Him?  What are we fighting him with?