Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Power to the Saints in organization

4 And many shall be converted, insomuch that ye shall obtain power to organize yourselves according to the laws of man;
5 That your enemies may not have power over you; that you may be preserved in all things; that you may be enabled to keep my laws; that every bond may be broken wherewith the enemy seeketh to destroy my people. (D&C 44:4-5)
One of the things that makes it difficult to be a Saint is when we are so isolated from the mass of members that we feel we have no pull for good to influence others. In this scripture, we find that it is lawful organization that helps us have influence.

With organization, each person has a role, gets support in that role, makes a contribution in that role, and feels safe in it. Attacks are mostly diffused over the organization rather than concentrated on individuals. The organization can publicize problems affecting the organization and gain a greater voice. The organization can demand justice and positive change, as each individual uses their voice in the support of the others. The more the organization works effectively in united principle, the stronger its voice, the more it can influence in proportion to its numbers.

Individuals in the organization can then keep God’s laws in confidence that they can have social support from the organization, even if they don’t get it from the rest of society. When individuals are free to keep God’s laws, then every bond is broken that the enemy uses to destroy the Saints.

The purpose of this power is not to exercise compulsion, but to break the yokes and bonds that are meant to destroy us and keep us in sin.


Clifford said...

Very profound. A small group that is highly organized, has much more power than a larger group without that same level of organization.

Curls said...

Sister Beck at Women's Conference this year talked about why RS is organized-because we have a work to do. How wonderful that Heavenly Father blesses us with a way to do the work He has asked us to perform-organization!