Monday, May 16, 2011

I will boast of my God

“I will boast of my God, for in his strength I can do all things” (Alma 26:12)

This struck me as a great way to begin missionary work to our friends and neighbors. Boasting of our God can show our respect for God and His power and show our enthusiasm for what He has done for us. That can build interest, curiosity, and desire in others to want that for themselves.

So, to try it myself, I have to say that one awesome thing about the Lord is that every time I’ve asked to understand something, He has helped. He’s blessed me to learn so many things about the scriptures. He’s also blessed me with ways to share things I’ve learned so that many other people can learn those things too!

It is really amazing that the Lord is so powerful, He can use the weakest of His servants to do His mighty works. He can even use the opposition to jumpstart His own work. He can bring the greatest blessings out of the greatest sacrifices and make the greatest sinners into the greatest saints when they turn themselves over to Him.

What can you boast of our God?


Anonymous said...

Yesterday, I celebrated my anniversary with my husband. For this, I will boast of my God.

This is a second marriage. My first marriage was in the temple, to a man that seemed faithful, but was living a double life. I couldn't see it, but God could. He prepared me with the strength I would need to overcome that trial, and he enabled me to get out of the first marriage.

After a few years of being single, the Lord helped me to find my husband. He is amazing. I know that, in and of myself, I don't deserve the blessing to be married to such a wonderful man, but the Lord has blessed me anyways.

So, I will boast of God's mercy, love, providence, and also his sense of humor (I met my husband by reading a hilarious blog post that he had written about David Hasselhoff - Heavenly Father really does know me. I will boast of God's perspective and comfort, and that he, truly, gives us no commandment without a way to keep it.

Michaela Stephens said...

thatgoodpart, thanks for sharing this. I can see that there must be so much behind those simple words of yours. God IS great, isn't He?