Tuesday, August 4, 2009

You’ve GOT to listen to this!

I heard a really neat audio broadcast about why the Book of Mormon is so unique and necessary for us to read. It’s called “Book of Mormon: An Ancient Book with a Modern Message” by Richard Holzapfel, and you can listen to it >> here << from BYU Broadcasting.

The reason why this talk was so special to me was that it answered some deep questions that I had had wondered about for quite a while—faithful questions, I hasten to add—about why the Book of Mormon is said to contain “the fullness of the living gospel” when we all know that many things that we believe are not mentioned in it at all.

When I finished listening to this talk, I felt that my eyes had suddenly been opened. I felt that I was much more empowered to bear witness to the Book of Mormon’s absolute necessity in our world. I strongly encourage you to follow the link and watch this for yourself so you can enjoy the profound ideas Brother Holzapfel presented. If you want to jump to where he really gets going, start around the 8 minute 15 second mark. (The first 8 minutes discuss evidences that Joseph Smith could not have invented the Book of Mormon.) Be sure to reserve 50 minutes, but it is well worth every second.

How exciting was this? This was so exciting to me that I HAD to share the ideas the next day with one of my nonmember friends with whom I have been having religious discussions over the past few weeks. The excitement and enthusiasm I expressed must have been striking; my friend immediately wanted to know what it was the doctrine said that he had to do. I told him. Now his sticky point is that he thinks he is already okay, having been baptized in a different church; somehow the Spirit has to get through to him that it is necessary for the saving ordinances to be done with true priesthood authority, but it was still exciting to me that he wanted to know what he needed to do.

Once again, you’ve GOT to listen to the talk! There’s so much great stuff! I'm going to watch it again myself so that I can truly impress it on my mind.