Friday, July 17, 2009

Exaltation is Mind-boggling

Do you realize that the scriptures give us a pretty good picture of what we will do when we are exalted beings? It’s practically a manual for divine parenthood! When you read, just imagine that you are in God’s place and that all the people are your children.

You’re just waiting for Lehi to pray so that you can reveal things to him.

You have to get David out of the sheepfold over where the Israelite army is so that he can slay Goliath.

Cain is following Abel with an unfriendly look in his eye.

You’ve got a bunch of children who call themselves Gadianton robbers and they’ve taken over the government.

You know Haman is going to become a favorite and want to massacre all the Jews.

You’ve got a bunch of your children who don’t think you exist and think your laws are just constructs of society.

Martin Harris keeps asking for the 116 pages.

The brother of Jared is worried about getting light and air for his barges.

Israel is in rigorous bondage to the Egyptians and when you tell Moses he’s going to lead them out of bondage he’s worried that he can’t speak very well and no one will listen to him.

Paul is heading for Damascus, determined to single-handedly stop Christianity.

Abraham and Sarah are infertile and you know they are supposed to have Isaac.

Alma’s just been run out of Ammonihah.

The U.S. Army has just been dispatched to quell Utah.

Herod’s going to have all the babies in Judea killed because he’s paranoid about the Messiah who he’s heard has just been born and who is supposed to be this great king that will rule the world.

Doesn't that just blow your mind? We're going to be dealing with this kind of stuff. It’s amazing how Heavenly Father takes care of so much.