Monday, July 9, 2012

My LDS rug designing phase

About eight years ago, I went through a phase when I was convinced that I was going to be a rug designer.  My idea was to design rugs for the LDS market.  I thought it would be cool to market these rugs as "Family Prayer Rugs."  Sort of like Muslim prayer rugs, but with a Mormon twist, ya know?

I'm going to show you the best of my designs.  They are not the most polished of graphics and the lines can be a bit crooked in places, but I put a lot of heart into them.  When I look at them, I feel like they are kind of cartoony, but deep down I still wish that someday they might actually become rugs.

These first two I did in very different styles, though they were focused on the same scripture.

This next one has a scripture from Proverbs about how the heavens declare the glory of God, but I chose a color for the text that was too near the background color, so you can't even really see it.  But I still like it because I have this thing for astronomy.

I've always liked that scripture about how a city that is set on a hill cannot be hid.

This next one is a little bit psycho, but that's probably why I like it.  Probably not the best idea for a rug.  Can you imagine stepping on those eyes?

This next design--I couldn't get those feather barbs right.  But imagine having this as a rug on your living room floor.  In no other way can you gratify your pride and wound it at the same time! ;-)

This one is like ying and yang, but Mormon.

The next one has one of my favorite scriptures on it.

I'm enthralled with ancient American hieroglyphics.  To me, they are like voices from the dust. 

So there you go.  What do you think?  You like, you buy? (said in my best Persian rug dealer accent)


RGG said...

These are beautiful. I admire your talent. I love the idea of a prayer rug, I would use it on my lunch break, we have a lovely garden where I work, I could sit on it and meditate and have a lovely lunch hour.

Trina said...

I love the idea. I don't think I'd put one in my front room but they would be awesome for each of my kids by their beds. Such a great, creative idea. I have no doubt there would be a market for them.

Bethie Marie said...

These are just amazing! Just beautiful. I especially love the light blue one. You should design some small ones for the kitchen, too. Yes, I'd buy one. Find a good marketing agent quick!!!

Michaela Stephens said...

Thanks, ladies! It tickles me to find that you like them so much!

Anyone else want to weigh in on which one is your favorite?

chococatania said...

I love the prayer rug you designed for 2 Nephi 14:5. I love this scripture. (well, i like 2 Nephi 14:5-6) I feel like it perfectly describes what I need to do as a mother and wife - in making my home like the temple.

Awesome rug designs. I bet there's a way that these could be made into rugs...check this out...rug hooking...

Thanks for sharing!