Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Interesting outside reading

You know how every once in a while you find an article on something in the scriptures that just seems to open your eyes and help you make much more sense of it? Here’s an article by John W. Welch called “Was Helaman 7-8 An Allegorical Funeral Sermon?” If you remember, Helaman 7-8 is when the prophet Nephi comes back to Zarahemla to find everything is a complete mess and he mourns on the top of his tower. Welch’s explanation adds an extra layer of meaning to this incident. I recommend it.

I also happened to stumble upon Hugh Nibley’s “Teachings of the Book of Mormon” which is broken up into four semesters, consisting, it seems, of transcripts of 112 lectures he gave. I expect to be working my way through these for a very long time. This would probably make very good Sunday reading. You can pick and choose or go from beginning to end.
Teachings of the Book of Mormon: Semester 1 (1 Nephi 1 to Mosiah 5)
Teachings of the Book of Mormon: Semester 2 (Mosiah 6 to Alma 41)
Teachings of the Book of Mormon: Semester 3 (Alma 45 to 3 Nephi 20)
Teachings of the Book of Mormon: Semester 4 (3 Nephi 6 to Moroni 10)


Gdub said...

Thanks for pointing that out! This happens to be exactly where I'm at in my personal reading of the Book of Mormon.

FelixAndAva said...

I always find Brother Nibley worthwhile reading. Not always easy, but worth it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing these titles. I haven't done as much "outside" reading as I'd like, but I have a resolution this year to add some more. So - thanks for the recommendations.


Heather M. Collins said...

I felt that way when I found this article about "deseret"


I've always loved reading about Egypt and the gospel connection to Egypt, so I thought it was interesting.