Saturday, June 5, 2010

In what way are peacemakers blessed?

Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God. (Matthew 5:9)
I was pondering this recently, wondering why peacemakers would be the children of God. A peacemaker is one who tries to reconcile two disagreeing parties and bring them into unity with each other. I realized that in a sense, a peacemaker is another type or shadow of Christ, who has worked out the At-one-ment whereby He can bring us into reconciliation with Heavenly Father. When we act as peacemakers, we do in a small way the same type of thing that Christ has done for the whole world, so that certainly makes us a child of God in deed.


Papa D said...

I agree completely.

I wrote about this same verse in the Beatitudes each Saturday back in July, 2008 - when it was the monthly focus of my New Year's Resolution. The first post was entitled "And They Shall Be Called the Children of God". The second one was "Peace, Be Still: and There Was a Great Calm". If you are interested, you can find "Peace" in the list at the bottom of my blog and find them. (They will be the last few of the 13 posts in the list.)


ldswomenofgod said...

This makes me think of a wonderful story I heard about John Taylor.

As prophet, he was asked to settle a disbute between two men. As they entered his office and sat down, he asked if they would mind if he sang a hymn to set the mood (we all know he had a beautiful voice-Carthage Jail). He sang one hymn, then two, three, and even a fourth. When he finished he addressed one man and asked him to begin his story. The man, weeping, apologized for taking the prophet's time, shook hands with the other man, and said there was no problem to discuss. Both men left the room filled by the Spirit.