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Now you can subscribe to my blog on Kindle!

(The audience goes wild, slings roses in all directions, and moshes enthusiastically with the orchestra while the world rejoices!)

I didn’t set the price; Amazon did. They rate me at a discount, apparently.  But that’s good for you because that makes it less expensive for you to get my content. 

You may be asking what the advantage is to subscribing to Scriptorium Blogorium through Amazon when you can just jump on the web and read it for free here. 

Well, Amazon will wirelessly deliver my blog instantly to your Kindle whenever I post something new.  It makes it incrementally easier and faster for you to get to my blog. A few seconds saved consistently over a long period of time adds up.   (5 seconds saved 15 times a month, each month for 20 years = 18,000 seconds saved.  That's the equivalent of five hours saved over 20 years.) That's if you want the extreme utilitarian reasoning.

Or you can look at it from another angle and consider it a way to say, “Thank you for writing something that helps me.”

 Just to let you know, here is a list of projects that I have in mind for the future:

--A book about the Book of Revelation. Take apart all that symbolism and look at it really closely.
--A book about organizing and de-cluttering with practical principles and strategies as found in the scriptures.
--A book about how others did missionary work in the scriptures and deriving principles from those stories that can help us today.
--A book about the parables of Christ that digs deeper.
--A book about unusual types of Christ in the scriptures and what we can learn from them that can strengthen our faith in Christ.
--A book about being courageous when under pressure from the world.

(Note: As I complete the above, I will keep this list updated with new projects I think up.)

These are niche books, with a niche audience that is often smaller than the big publishers can produce for. If I’m going to put these books out, I have to go the Indie-publishing route.

So, if you are interested in seeing these books sooner rather than later, you can do several things right now:

1)    Subscribe to Scriptorium Blogorium’s Kindle blog on Amazon.  (Note that you can try it for free for 14 days.)
2)    Even if you choose not to subscribe, you could still write a review for it on the Amazon page so that others will know about it. (Think of it as a letter of recommendation.)
3)    Comment below to let me know which of the above books in the list sound most interesting and relevant to you.  If you want to list them in the order in which you would like me to produce them, that would be helpful too.